Sherry Tianjin China

My Name Is Shery. I’m A Yoga Teacher. I Started To Learn And Practice Yoga In 2008. I’ve Studied And Practiced Astanga For 4 Years. I Want To Learn More About Breathing, Anatomy And Physical Therapy. The Biggest Gain On Line This Time Is That I Paid More Attention To Breathing On The Basis Of Asana Practice. Recently, Following Teacher Mark’s Practice Regularly, I Paid More Attention To Myself When I Was Practicing. I Continued Into Mysore Level 2 For The First Time Because Of Mark’s Encouragement. It Is Really Like What The Guruji Said: Practice All Is Coming. In The Past, I Paid Too Much Attention To Asana And Always Forgot To Breathe. I Used To Know The Importance Of Breathing, But When I Practiced, I Would First Pay Attention To My Asana . Now I’m Trying To Breathe Deeply, And The Practice Becomes More Challenging But My Asana Posture Improves.