Brahma Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

A sustainable practice for life. Born from Ashtanga Yoga


Step by step guide to this vinyasa system that can be safely practice by everyone. Incorporates asanas from primary and second series of traditional ashtanga, with dedicated back bending and inversions.


Includes sections on Mantra meditation, Pranayama, Bandha, Modifications, Diet and a Glimpse at Indian Philosophy.

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Yoga and Diet Cured My Arthritis

Includes 14 day diet and exercise plan towards recovery and Ashtanga primary series practice manual.


In this book I have given my story of how I dealt with my disease without the use of mainstream medicine and outlined how I managed to do this by monitoring my diet and finding the foods that were having a positive and negative effect on my health. I give lists of foods that are thought to be good and bad for arthritis along with information on Beneficial vitamin, mineral, protein and fat sources, I also give diet suggestions and basic exercises to allow anyone suffering from arthritis and gout to be able to make a new start towards a pain free life.


The final section is an Ashtanga primary series practice manual, with step by step instructions fully illustrated along with modifications.

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Parampara Ashtanga Practice Manual

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