Stephanie Yau Flint

stephanie_img1Not a physically strong child, my youth in Hong Kong was colored by my susceptibility to frequent illness. Yoga has been a powerful force in redirecting my life for the better, bringing physical and mental shifts that have revealed to me a very different side to living. When I made yoga a way of life, my life became substantially easier, evolving into an existence replete with balance, inspiration and transformation.


Seeking to share this powerful practice with others, I was drawn to India in 2006 to attend a teacher training course. Dissatisfied with the TTCs I had found in Hong Kong, I journeyed to India in search of training with more depth and substance. I am continually fascinated by the intriguing, unknown-to-me world of India, and I have travelled there annually since that first visit, partaking in intensive yoga trainings in Rishikesh, Dehradoon, Bangalore and Mysore. Always seeking to deepen my understanding of this incredible practice, I’ve visited several ashrams, including the Vivek Ananda University of Yoga Studies in Bangalore. I currently live in Mysore, where I study Ashtanga yoga at the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois.


Since my first trip to India in 2006, I’ve been dedicating a major portion of my time to yoga, sharing my experience with both private students and groups in Hong Kong. Over time, thanks to both my teaching practice and my annual presence as a volunteer at Hong Kong’s Asia Yoga Conference, I’ve become a well-known face within the Hong Kong yoga community. I am also experienced in Goenka Vipassana meditation and regularly assist at the center in Hong Kong. My students find my teaching style to be committed, caring and precise in its instruction. I strive everyday live in such a way as to be an ideal role model for those seeking transformation through a yogic way of life.


Through it’s various styles I’ve come to see yoga as a process in which I can find a balance within myself and my life, a way to find calmness in the mind and strength in the body. The practice works from the inside out, teaching us how to connect with ourselves on a deeper level in order to find the strength and happiness that we seek. It is a place we can come back to when we have lost our way, taking us away from how we are conditioned to see and feel. Yoga supports us as we seek change in our lives, guiding us to find substantial shifts in both thought and action. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I believe that if we want to change ourselves or achieve a goal, yoga practice makes it possible. All it requires is a little time and dedication.

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