Mysore Backbender

The New MYBB ECO2..


Using wood from the Neem tree known for its medicinal qualities, we have steam pressed the engineered wood in to the same ergonomic arches as the original MYBB. The ECO2 has the benefit of being lighter, stronger, and almost 50% the cost of the original.


Ideal for Shala or private use.


The ECO2 opens chest, arms, lumbar and thoracic spine, strengthens internal core. Can be used therapeutically for Back, Respiratory and Heart conditions


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Backbends open the chest and upper body they stimulate the Heart chakra (Anahata) allowing us to open more fully in our lives too; to our emotions, experiences and in our relationships.

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Chest Thoracic Opening

Catching the hands under the arch to intensify the stretch

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