Leyla Christin Germany

*practicing yoga since some time.
*teaching since 2017.
*into ashtanga since a bit more than a year, kind of casually.

I never really considered taking online private classes, thinking that I would not get much benefit and besides that I was not a big fan of led classes.

Having a couple of online private classes with mark doubtlessly changed my view! It’s actually quite surprising to me how much he can see through the screen when teaching online. He gives me on the point corrections and sees when I manage to integrate them into my practice. I discovered that it’s not that important to get many adjustments. With having these led classes online there is a different/refreshed kind of awareness growing due to the fact that there is no teacher in person, which makes me become more focussed in my practice and able to follow his cues. I specifically do like and find it extremely helpful how mark continuously focuses on uddiyana bandha, the breath and “extension through relaxation”. Mentioning it again and again. Within a short period of practicing with him, I was clearly able to feel a change in my practice. Mark has a very precise way to teach, pushing me just the right amount with a cool and fun attitude. And foremost: he helped to take me further in the sequence, experiencing that I can manage more than I thought! In a relatively 😉 easy way.