Janet Cheng Hongkong

I Am A Yoga Teacher, My Name Is Janet Cheng. It Is Still Fresh In My Memory To Meet Mark. I Met Ms. Stephenie At The Hong Kong Yoga Exhibition When She Introduced Back Bender And The Yoga Chair To Me. I Really Want To Meet This Inventor. In Fact, It Is Proved That All Kinds Of Yoga Supplies Developed By Mr. Mark, Many Physical Therapists And Chiropractors In Hong Kong Use Such Tools To Treat Patients. In The Second Year, I Finally Saw The Master In My Heart At The Yoga Exhibition. Teacher Mark Left A Deep Impression On Me With My Passion For Yoga. In Fact, My Teaching Has Been Infected By Him Since Then, And My Students Also Felt The Belief In Yoga In Me. By Chance, I Learned That Mark Opened A Workshop In Hangzhou. I Left My Students And Went To Hangzhou, The First Time I Went To Mr. Mark’s Workshop. He Has Rich Teaching Experience, And The Essence Of Ashtanga Yoga Is Interpreted From Shallow To Deep. Teacher Mark’s Dedication To Yoga Promotes Me. He Gives Me Energy And Confidence To Break Through And Let Me Enjoy The Ashtanga Yoga Energy. Teacher Mark Will Understand Human Anatomy And Apply It To Teaching, So That Students Can Push To Your Limits When It Is Safe. With The Bold And Meticulous Assistance Of Teacher Mark, I Found My Previous Mistakes, Which Became Great Help To My Teaching. Mr. Mark Focuses On Internal Breathing, And The Body Is Driven By Breathing. Body Energy Comes From Breathing, And Body Flow Also Comes From Breathing. From Breathing Starts Meditation In Practice To Reach The Combination Of Body And Spirit. Many People Are Unable To Relax In High-strength Difficulty Poses. Teacher Mark Can Lead The Combination Of Body And Mind. Seeing The Aura Of Guru (guru) On Teacher Mark Allows Me To Truly Enjoy Yoga. Teacher Mark Has A Strong Will To Persevere In His Own Physical Defects. Not Only Did He Not Give Up, He Became An Ashtanga Recognized Teacher. He Is My Guru.